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Draft minutes of meeting 02.05.18

posted 15 May 2018, 13:16 by Deborah Boyce

Extraordinary (planning) meeting 14.03.18

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Draft Minutes of meeting 14.03.2018

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Draft minutes of meeting 9.1.2018

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Minutes of meeting 13/09/2017

posted 20 Oct 2017, 04:15 by Patricia Old


Leckhampstead Parish Council


Draft Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 13th September 2017 at 7.30pm in Leckhampstead Village Hall


Councillors present:


Lesley Smith (Chairperson)

Sam Gill (Vice Chairperson)

Tessa White

Caroline Gurney

Richard Gurney


In attendance:


Pat Old (Acting Parish Clerk)

Nine visitors


 1/9.  Apologies for absence


 No apologies


 2/9.  Declarations of Interest


 No interests were declared                   


 3/9. Public Forum


Cllr Smith asked members of the public if they had any matters they wished to bring to the meeting.  A query was made as to why only five councillors were allowed, why not more.  Cllr Smith explained that the number of councillors was defined by the size of the village but in 2019 when there is another general election, a request can be made for the extra councillors.


4/9. Approval  of minutes


Cllr White approved the July minutes and Cllr Gill seconded this.  Cllr Gill approved the August minutes and Cllr C Gurney seconded this.


5/9. Action from minutes


5/9 (a)  The three notice boards need replacing and ex Cllr Jones was intending to source waterproof ones, however he has been non-contactable but further attempts will be made.  It was decided that as they are only around four to five years old that a quotation will be requested for treating them.


5/9 (b) Cllr White stated she had requested quotes from two people for grass cutting in the cemetery and church yard but these had yet to be received.  Cllr Smith said no bills had been received for this year’s maintenance but it was likely to be in the region of £1300.00. 


5/9 (c) Cllr Smith stated no progress had been made regarding the Quiet Lanes project but will not give up.  Wicken will join the scheme but still have not had a response from Lillingstone Lovell.  More villages are needed to join the scheme.


5/9 (d) It was decided to leave the item concerning the flooding issue to the agenda.


5/9 (e) It was decided to leave the item concerning road surfaces and potholes to the agenda.


5/9 (f) Regarding the planning application for lighting at Wentworth Lodge, an objection had been submitted and more details requested but no further information had been received.


5/9 (g) It was agreed that a costing would be applied for in respect of stop signs at Maids Moreton junction.  A suggestion was made that an automated radar speed check would be of benefit and the cost of this would be around £3500.00.  Cllr Gill will look into carrying out a speed survey.


5/9 (h) Some items from the March minutes had not been addressed, one being the light at South End that has been erected by a resident outside the boundary of the property.  This is too bright and will set a precedent, could also be safety issue.  A letter will be written to the property owner requesting the light be removed.


5/9 (i) A letter must be written to AVDC requesting that the footpaths are cleared annually, ideally in November.


5/9 (j) It was felt that the website should be managed by more than one person, in case of illness etc.  The clerk agreed to assist Debbie in dealing with this.  A Google account is required and as all bills regarding the website go to ex Cllr Jones he will be contacted to ascertain if any bills have been received.


6/9  Update on flood situation


Cllr Gill has received an email from Andrew Waugh.  It would appear he has not started engaging with landowners but there is a meeting next week.  He has additional funding from DEFRA and has asked the Parish Council to contact local farmers to include Lodge Farm, Lillingstone Lovell and beyond, will discuss with other stakeholders and groups to see who to approach for best engaging, possibly NFU etc.  Cllr Gill will respond that we are happy to engage and need a list of farmers to be approached.  Need feedback on the 2016 Flood report but no feedback had been given so far. Some parishioners disputed this remark and several stated they had given feedback at meetings, individually and by letter. Parishioners had not had sight of the report received by Cllr Gill and this will be circulated.


There is a template for an emergency tool kit and relief plan.  The county council have funded and organised the template on how to manage potential risk for i.e. vulnerable people and also how local resources could be utilised i.e. four wheel drives, first aid people etc.  Cllr Gill thought the list was more than required but some points were valuable i.e who to contact etc but as the template is a long booklet he will summarise and also keep in touch with Andrew Waugh.  Cllr Gill would be happy to chair a sub-committee if this was felt necessary.


A parishioner suggested a depth measure might help at each end of the flood area and another asked if the hydraulic modelling had taken place.  The county council state that the most affordable method would be to engage with landowners etc.  Cllr C Gurney felt the environment agency need to know about dredging as this had improved the situation at her farm considerably.  A parishioner felt the environment agency wouldn’t pay for this.  Cllr Gill to enquire of the environment agency and will also go back to Andrew Waugh.


Cllr. C Gurney suggested the parish council apply to DEFRA for a leader grant as they may pay up to 40% of the cost of dredging; she will contact DEFRA and liaise with Cllr Gill to avoid any duplication.


Cllr R Gurney wondered about a flood alert.  Some residents are linked into the system on the Ouse but this had not worked in the last flood.  Andrew Waugh will be consulted on this as more warning is essential.


7/9 Road Surfaces and potholes 


The road to Lillingstone Lovell and Barretts End are failed road surfaces which urgently require action.  David Smith at the County Council to be contacted as soon as possible.


8/9 County Councillor Whyte’s visit


County Councillor Whyte had attended the August meeting.  He confirmed the emergency potholes would be filled as soon as possible and the remainder would be dealt with as soon as the jet patching machine was in the area.


10/9 Update on finances


Cllr Smith had written out two cheques for countersigning being £83 for BCQ

11/9  Items for inclusion on the next agenda


Update budget report


12/9 Date of next meeting


The next meeting will be held on the 1st November at 7.30 in the village hall.


The next part of the meeting was in private session


Clerks Salary


Cllr Smith had contacted AVDC.  The clerk now has to become an employee of the Leckhampstead Parish Council and a contract is to be drafted. An hourly rate and twelve hours per month has been agreed for a period of six months after which both will be reviewed.


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